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Jade Attard Content Writer Malta

I'm a creative content writer with a digital mindset, an eye for design and a passion for telling stories. There's nothing I love more than to sit down with another human to discover the unique story behind their work. This helps me bring brands, products and services to life - by showcasing the value they bring to the world. 

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications (Hons.) from the University of Malta. Over the past few years, I've been dedicated to learning the ins and outs of blogging, SEO, design concepts, psychology, marketing strategy and consumer behaviour.


This has led me to work with clients to translate their value proposition into words that resonate with their target audiences.  I help businesses in different industries find their digital footing by effectively articulating their brand's promise to all customers (and prospects). 

I'd love to help you with your next content project. Let's bring your digital dreams to life by diving into your brand vision and exploring ways to bring your business to life - land dream clients! Feel free to get in touch by dropping me a message at

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